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Meet Pastor Vicki

As a Women’s Empowerment Lecturer, Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Entrepreneur, Pastor Vicki Coward walks in the authority that God has given her to set the captives free. On Sunday mornings, you are sure to hear a prophetic word, as she stands boldly and declares, “that God is about to shift the atmosphere.” Pastor Vicki Coward, pastors alongside her husband Bishop Clifton Coward. She is also the executive director of Kingdom Kidz Child Development Center and operates as the founder of two incredible life changing women ministries, which are The Women of Excellence and Diamond in the Rough Ministries. Through her dynamic Girl Talk sessions, she teaches and inspires as well as challenge women to develop a strong relationship with God and to fulfill their purpose. Pastor Vicki’s practicality of everyday life and her candid and revealing approach has engaged followers worldwide provoking them to pursue a lifestyle of integrity, success and happiness. Wherever Pastor Vicki goes, she exhorts, encourages and empowers her listeners to reach their full potential in their personal, entrepreneurial and spiritual lives.


Now, I would like to introduce you to Pastor Vicki Coward the Virtuous Wife and Mother.


Vicki Coward, is a wife and the mother of 3, she has 8 beautiful grandchildren that she adores. Pastor Vicki has strong family values and stands strong with her husband in the teaching of marriage. She has a true heart for restoring family relationships. Above all that she does, her first ministry is to her husband and her family. Pastor Vicki, is in pursuit of all of her dreams and goals, they include a Glamorous You Spa & Boutique, a personal clothing line and the Ask Vicki Talk Show. She has mastered the role of a play writer with her most recent production, “No Pain, No Gain”. Pastor Vicki welcomes the opportunity to give women their very own platform. There is no stopping the creative gifts of Pastor Vicki Coward.

VCM Transforming lives one woman at a time !
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