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The Journey To My Transformation


Self-confidence, self-image, and self-esteem were a big struggle for me in life. Growing up, I went through an identity crisis, I just wanted to fit in and find my place. Even though, I waslooked at as the leader of the bunch, I still struggled within. I didn't see what they saw in me. Trying to find myself was the hardest thing in life I had to experience. I always tried to "blend in" not knowing at the time I was meant to stand out. I found myself being emotionally abused,controlled, misunderstood, lost and with no direction. It wasn't until I got married the healing process began. Then shortly after marriage, my husband answered the call of Pastorship. Even in the beginning of being a 1st Lady, I still had insecurities. I felt I was rushed into a position that I felt unprepared for, not groomed for or even taught. Which increased more insecurities and struggles; but God always has a plan, he knows what he is doing. He literally began to develop, shape, and mold me into the woman I am today. I thank God for a RENEWED MIND. It can be with a simple start of waking up and saying, “I’ve changed my mind”. Be encouraged - PV

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